AI for decision makers

AI for decision makers

This is a 10 week coaching programme that educates managers, decision makers, strategists, leaders on all the things required to be able to engage with Artificial Intelligence.

The programme will be customised to your needs but generally the topics covered will be:

  • Give you guidelines on how to create an AI/ML strategy.
  • Give you a big picture technical background in AI/ML.
  • Give you strategies on build an AI/ML competency.
  • Give you ways to sell AI/ML to peers and stakeholders.
  • Give you guidelines on how to run AI/ML projects.
  • Give you guidelines on how to create, run and nurture an AI/ML team

The program will consist of:

  • Eight one hour calls which will be based around your needs and goals as well as your unique and customised innovation curriculum,
  • An initial diagnosis of AI/ML knowledge and requirements and a determination of individual program goals and custom curriculum mentioned above,
  • Online access to a broader based AI/ML curriculum and curated resources
  • An optional reading program with analyses.
  • A post mortem analysis & plan to go forward.
  • Guarantee: money back if not satisfied.

In order to succeed in this programme you need to:

  • Have the time to do the programme.
  • Commit and want to succeed in the programme.
  • Are happy to follow the directions of the programme.

Who is this for? While it is open for anyone typically those who benefit most from the programme are executives, high level managers, innovation managers, product managers, or anyone who might need to create innovative AI/ML solutions.

Prerequisites: No technical expertise is required.

Cost: $AUD 4997

Interested? Either fill in the form below or email me directly on to start a conversation.


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