Training and Coaching

Training and Facilitation Workshops.

Workshops run from half a day up to 3 days (usually not consecutive).

For example a full day Intro to AI could be made up of :

    • AI and Machine learning trends
    • Removing the hype of AI
    • AI use cases
    • Interweaving AI into your business
    • A brief technical foundation of AI
    • Creating AI opportunities / ideation exercises


Personalised one on one training  / coaching

These programs interweaves the participant’s needs with an AI/tech curriculum.

They usually runs 90 days.

The format of the the personalised one on one training typically consists of:

    • A strategic planning session assessment and 90 roadmap
    • 8 coaching sessions  focused on a key area
    • Exercises & use cases to help embed the skills
    • Post coaching plan

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